Support Your Local Independent Bookstore

<strong>I’m getting near the end of my signing tour for ZOMBIE CSU.  Along the way I’ve hit several independent bookstores, and that’s always a lot of fun.  Indie stores are different from the chains in a lot of important ways.

First, they really know their customers.  There’s more of a conversational back-and-forth between Indie store owners & staff and their regular customers.  Which leads to a second and very important difference –since they know their customers they know what they like.  These stores often have a lot of specialty stuff on their shelves that you won’t find anywhere else.

Good example… my second novel, DEAD MAN’S SONG, sold out of its first print run.  All of the major chains (including Amazon) are out of copies, but you can find new, signed copies at some of the indies, including:




These stores support writers and their honor readers.  And as a writer AND a reader, I love ’em.

Check ‘em out!   And…support your local independent book store.

-Jonathan </strong>


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