DEAD MAN’S SONG sells out its first print run

Hey guys…for everyone who has been asking why it’s so darn hard to snag a copy of the middle book of the Pine Deep Trilogy, the news is that DEAD MAN’S SONG has SOLD OUT!


DEAD MAN’S SONG links the first book GHOST ROAD BLUE S (winner of the 2006 Bram Stoker Award) and the concluding volume BAD MOON RISING (2008).  It gives the creepy back-story to the whole Pine Deep mystery. 


Bookstores (real world and online) are taking orders now so that when the new print run is ready the copies can be sent out right away.


So….go order your copy now!




Ghost Road Blues (Pinnacle Books; ISBN # 0786018151)

Dead Man’s Song (Pinnacle Books; ISBN # 078601816X)

Bad Moon Rising (Pinnacle Books; ISBN # 0786018178)  


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One Response to “DEAD MAN’S SONG sells out its first print run”

  1. Pete Giglio Says:

    I just finished Ghost Road Blues. It is a terrific novel and I am hooked. Now I want to read Dead Man’s Song but it’s out of print. I am extremely happy that the first print sold so fast, but is Kensington Press planning on a 2nd printing soon? I should think that Kensington would be thrilled to have an author whose books actually sell? Any information that you may be able to provide is appreciated and in the meantime, congratulations on your well deserved success.

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